Monday, June 30, 2008

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Clothing Flaws

Okay Ladies

Here's another one that I'm just going to throw out there. As we all know we are Big Beautiful Women but.... there are just somethings we should not be trying to wear. Yall all know I'm for the big girls but if you got on some shit that make one of yo own kind say "Now She KNOW She Was Wrong Fa Dat" you need to think twice and take that foolishness off. We can be sexy ladies in a classy way now I'm all about flaunting what you got but bitches there are rules! lol! If yo back is looking like a can of busted biscuits please cover that shit up think about getting a shirt with some breast clevage showing because nobody wants to see back clevage that's nasty. Some of us KNOW we are out of order with some of these outfits. Now I'm take it a little deeper ladies when you dress like sluts that gives all of us a bad name so just know you are not only represent yo fat ass but you are representing a world of fat asses to come so please make sure you a showing america that fat is fabolous and not fat is sloppy and a hot mess!

Word to the wise just because they have one in your size don't mean dat shit fa you and yo body type. That's another thing please dress according to your body types because there are many types of PHAT (Pretty HOT and THICK if you ain't know) There is round asses, flat asses, big titties, small waistes, wide asses, big hips and much much more. We come in a variety of flavors that's exactly why we are so irresistable men like variety not just tight stomach flat ass bitches. So ladies please make sure when you step out you are looking your best I don't care if your just going to get ice cream or to wash your dirty drawers make sure your hair, clothes, make-up shoes, everything is on point neva let them skinny bitches see you slippin.

Now I have a few sales to mention

Wet Seal has a lot of size XL clothing items on sale and shipping is only $4 for a limited time only so make sure you get a few of them dresses because they are HOT!

Old Navy also has some great items on sale and remember you do not need to be a size 8 to look great and don't forget to get some of them flip flops cuz you know our feet be killing us at around 3:45AM after tooting that thang up in the club all night. You gon need them flip flops to make it to the car.

Also check out some of those skinny women stores remember we are fabolous so go up in dat bitch with pride and get you some nice shoes, accessories, and a hot bag to go with them plus size fashions your rockin

It's Been REAL LADIES as always

Love Ya

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