Friday, May 15, 2009


Hey Everybody!!

Today I want to talk about CHANGE. Have you ever just looked at yourself and the things you were doing in yo life and just realize like damn I need to make some changes cuz this is not some shit I want to be doing. I just thought long and hard today like damn I need to makes some changes in my life what the hell am I thinking or maybe yet what the hell was I thinking about when I thought that shit was okay? So my message is to everybody is if it's some shit in yo life that you need to CHANGE I don't care if it's changing them ugly ass shoes you got on or changing the friends you hang with, or changing yo job or field of work. I don't give a fuck what it is if you feel that you need to make some CHANGES in yo life to make you feel better about what your doing or maybe just to put your mind at ease then be all means CHANGE dat shit quickly because life is to short to sit around unhappy or uneasy about some shit when all you have to do is CHANGE it! Well I don't know about any of yall but I know I got some shit to CHANGE and I ain't afraid to CHANGE because I think that holds us back a lot of time thinking to hard and being afraid of CHANGE but we never try to CHANGE so we continue to do the same shit because it's what's getting us by and that shit just ain't right don't be afraid on CHANGE it can be a good thing and sometimes a better thing so whatever you need to CHANGE make sure you CHANGE it now and CHANGE it quickly cuz life will not wait on you

Much Love

Mz. Thickness

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Red, Black, White, Silver Nail Design!

Here is a nail design I did on my nails just something randomn each nail is different. I like to do nail designs and toes! so when I change this I'll be sure to take pics and update I may do a tutorial on just basic designs but just let me know what you think!

Ever had a shitty day and just want to get if off your chest well today is my day!

Ok here goes the drama.... I was having a pretty good day. Got up put me some nice lil capri's and a nice shirt on just feeling real good about myself. I go online and updated some things for my new store L&K Fashions (website will be up and running soon). It's a business owned by myself and my sisters. So look forward to seeing us in the near future but anyways I found some nice merchandise for the store so I was excited. I won my ebay auction been trying to get that 120 palette make up for a few days now and I finally got it for $12.00 plus free shipping so I was extra happy about that. I was a little pissed that I haven't been paid for two of my auctions yet and that paypal still has my damn money on hold for a previous auction when did they start that bullshit? Anyways my day was at the okay point now so my sister invited me to a game of basketball so yes I got my fat ass up went to the park and played a hour game of basketball in some flip flops with my nicely done toes! but that was my exercise fa the week lol wore my big ass out! Then I get home and find that somebody I ain't gone mention no sites or names because I'm not a petty person and I do have some Top Notch Class Fa They Ass but they want to send me a bunch of rude as comments on my website and in my email and it pissed me off because they've been doing this shit for about two weeks and I've been ignoring their ignorance because I want to show them that I am the bigger person and I will not stoop to their level because the shit is real childish and ridiculous. I want to cuss they ass out to shame but I won't because I'm to polished fa that but don't I know yall can relate when you be trying yo best not to let somebody ass have it and just disrespect they whole life. I am really trying I done even took back to the lord and ask god to take the hatred outta my heart because I am not that type of person but sometimes people will just try to the best to bounce on yo last nerve and bring out another side of you. I feel like this my phone number is posted on the same website that you got the email address from if you was that damn concerned on getting a reaction from me dial the damn number cuz trust and believe I will give them what the lookin for and I hate that a sistah has to go there but some people just don't know where they boundaries are or when to just shut the fuck up. Now I have done my duty and reported this shit to all the emailing companies as well as my website company but come on now should this shit have to go that far? Why can't people just shut the fuck up sometimes? Mind yo own damn business? Maybe get a damn life? I just don't understand how people can have so much time on they hands and they choose to bother and fuck with other folks can we please go back to the days when people had fucking hobbies and had something to do with themselves other than worry about the next man. So I said all that to say this if it ain't got shit to do with you and yours mind yo fuckin business. If you aint got shit to do but worry about somebody else find a fucking hobby. If you got that much damn time on yo hands to worry about somebody else you need to find what's lacking in your life because obviously yo broke down, can't get a job ass need to volunteer yo time to a soup kitchen or homeless shelter because I'm pretty sure the can use an extra set of hands fa something.

**No disrespect to the soup kitchen's or homeless shelters**

Now that I got that shit off my chest I feel a little better! I'm going to try to post some new pics and updates and take my ass to bed because even though I ain't got shit to do wit my time right now I ain't worrying about nobody else I really don't give a damn what they doing or who they doing it with cuz that ain't none of my damn business. See if it don't concern you stay the fuck outta of it

Much Love

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