Monday, July 7, 2008


Hello Everyone

Today I would just like to make a few comments on shoes for us plus sized beauties. The first thing I would like to say is make sure that you are buying your correct shoe size not a half size to big or in some cases to small. This could cause your feet to be uncomfortable during the day and no one likes to be trying to work and walk around all day with uncomfortable feet. For bigger women I would suggest that you try to wear flats because they come in all colors, patterns, and designs. They are very comfortable and affordable and can be worn with multiple styles. Another style I love is wedges/platforms they are very comfortable for me and seem to support more weight better as well. These shoes can also be found in a lot of different colors and designs with different heel sizes and forms so I think these are also a great fit for us bbw women. As far as wearing stilettos and skinny heels I'm not to fond of those type of shoes but I do on occasion wear them but the key to this is that they must be a good pair of heels of high quality because cheap shoes will fold over and you will break your not which is not a good look lol! Below have included some pictures of some of the styles I enjoy so let me know what you think and send me some pics of your favorite shoes and designs or better yet lets get some pics of you in your favorite shoes!

~Love Ya~

Monday, June 30, 2008

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Clothing Flaws

Okay Ladies

Here's another one that I'm just going to throw out there. As we all know we are Big Beautiful Women but.... there are just somethings we should not be trying to wear. Yall all know I'm for the big girls but if you got on some shit that make one of yo own kind say "Now She KNOW She Was Wrong Fa Dat" you need to think twice and take that foolishness off. We can be sexy ladies in a classy way now I'm all about flaunting what you got but bitches there are rules! lol! If yo back is looking like a can of busted biscuits please cover that shit up think about getting a shirt with some breast clevage showing because nobody wants to see back clevage that's nasty. Some of us KNOW we are out of order with some of these outfits. Now I'm take it a little deeper ladies when you dress like sluts that gives all of us a bad name so just know you are not only represent yo fat ass but you are representing a world of fat asses to come so please make sure you a showing america that fat is fabolous and not fat is sloppy and a hot mess!

Word to the wise just because they have one in your size don't mean dat shit fa you and yo body type. That's another thing please dress according to your body types because there are many types of PHAT (Pretty HOT and THICK if you ain't know) There is round asses, flat asses, big titties, small waistes, wide asses, big hips and much much more. We come in a variety of flavors that's exactly why we are so irresistable men like variety not just tight stomach flat ass bitches. So ladies please make sure when you step out you are looking your best I don't care if your just going to get ice cream or to wash your dirty drawers make sure your hair, clothes, make-up shoes, everything is on point neva let them skinny bitches see you slippin.

Now I have a few sales to mention

Wet Seal has a lot of size XL clothing items on sale and shipping is only $4 for a limited time only so make sure you get a few of them dresses because they are HOT!

Old Navy also has some great items on sale and remember you do not need to be a size 8 to look great and don't forget to get some of them flip flops cuz you know our feet be killing us at around 3:45AM after tooting that thang up in the club all night. You gon need them flip flops to make it to the car.

Also check out some of those skinny women stores remember we are fabolous so go up in dat bitch with pride and get you some nice shoes, accessories, and a hot bag to go with them plus size fashions your rockin

It's Been REAL LADIES as always

Love Ya

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Big Girl Beauty Tips

Hey Ladies

Today I am coming through just to give you a few good beauty tips on how to maintain the fabolous face and body figure

*Tip #1 Just because you're a big girl doesn't mean you don't have to exercise. You may not be able to run a damn marathon but get yo fat ass up do some sit ups, jumping jacks, take a nice long walk just get your self moving because the worst thing you want is to big and stiff and can't move. Drink Plenty of Water!

*Tip #2 Make sure you are taking great care of your skin! Moisturize daily and make sure to protect your skin when are going to be out in the sun for any long period of time. It doesn't matter if you are black, white, blue, purple, or green skin care is very important so make sure that you are handling that. One thing that I can say about most big women is that we have some very pretty faces so we want to keep them in top notch condition.

*Tip #3 If you are a women who sweats in the face please make sure that on hot days you limit the amount of make up you are wearing. I am so tired of big women look like the raining glitter from they face. I personally don't have this problem because I prefer the natural look and I am very simple with my make up just a little eye liner, mascara and lip gloss and I'm back in the game but, If you do wear the foundation, powders, creams, etc make sure you limit the amount to a minimum on these hot days.

Okay that's all I have right now for you today!

Let me know what you think
Mz. Thickness

Monday, June 23, 2008

Hi All My Beautiful People!

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog. I would like to thank you for visiting me and please leave me some feedback about what you want to talk about, what you think about the blog, and anything else you have to say! Please send me your pictures, stories, and words of advise to post to the blog because together WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE One Fat Girl At A Time "THE MOVEMENT" is in Motion Baby!

But.....Before we go any farther I am just going to make this public announcement because we all know it must be said. FOR ALL THE HATERZ IN AMERICA ....PLEASE FEEL FREE TO HATE ON ME I CAN USE A FEW MORE ASS HOLES LIKE YOURSELF. IF you are saved and filled with the holy ghost then this may not be the place fa you cuz I will be cussing more the 85% of the time it's what I like to do and I you understand exactly how da fuck I was feeling when I said dat shit so please by all means escort yo ass to the nearest exit cuz dis shit ain't fa you.


Now back to business lol! Today is Lesson #1 in being the best big bitch in America.

The first thing I want you to know that is the key to being the best bitch is CONFIDENCE,CONFIDENCE, CONFIDENCE!

I don't care if you are a size 2 to a 22 if you are confident in yourself and you know that you're the shit ain't a person on this earth is going to be able to break your stride.

If you are not feeling this way right now I want you to wake up 21 days in a row because then it will become a habit and look into your mirror and say: it may be 4/5/6 in the morning....I got slob dried on the side of my face and weave is a mess.....and my night gown is twisted but bitch you is da shit

Now I must say this because they're are so many young women in America that are over weight and depressed, feeling down and hopeless like they're whole world is going to come crashing down so I want them to know that no matter the circumstances, the situations, or the tribulations your going through if you have the right attitude about it you will make it through and I like to quote the anointed pace sisters (I know I'm going to church on yall fa a min) and their song "It's Already Done. No matter what your going through it's already done if you leave it in the hands of the only one who can help you through your situation. When your man done left, ya mama gone, ya sisters ain't got the funds to help you. You got to believe in God and Your self and You Will Make It my sistah.

Remember that if you know what you are and who you are then there won't be anyone else in this world that will be able to break your stride. Hold your head to the sky and keep struting them fat ass legs and curvy hips. It's Beauty Baby!

Well It's been Real Ladies

Love Ya and See Ya Soon!

Mz. Thickness

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