Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Have you ever been so aggravated with something or someone that you just can't take it no more and you just wanna fuckin scream? Well it's a lot of shit that's really been raking my brain lately and I just wanna fuckin scream like wtf? Here's a few examples don't you hate when people just have random ass attitudes fa no fuckin reason it's to the point where I'm like you need to go get fuckin evaluated because you are really mentally disturbed wit yo bi-polar ass but then on the other hand I'm like if being around me makes you unhappy or puts you in a rut why da fuck don't you exit the fuck outta here it makes no sense to me. Another thing is when shit in yo house just start fucking up outta no where like when da hell did you stop working or how the fuck that get broke? I don't understand it really. It's hard enough in this economy I definitely don't need shit to be getting fucked up or broken. Another thing that bothers me is when you get upset and pissed off about something everybody feel like you taking it to far but you go over they house or ask them what's wrong with them they pissing a bitch cuz somebody ate they candy bar or all the damn bread in they house! I know silly shit right? Well here's my take on it there is going to be times in your life where you face obstacles and sometimes have to deal with silly shit or silly ass people. Do not take this lightly be strong, hold your fucking ground and continue to do you because if you stoop to their level and become a childish fuck you are no different than them. Remain in adult mode and forget about their ass and their issues gracefully. You have no time to worry about the next man if yo shit ain't gucci and gold itself. Think smart, Think wise, and Think cautious because silly shit last fa a minute but becoming part of the problem can cause a lifetime of bullshit

Much Love

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