Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hold My Brushes

Here's how I store my brushes I just made these the other day because I was bored so I decided to start making one of our empty bedrooms into my diva space so here's my first diva item. I chose the colors:black, light pink and pearl because I want it to feel like old school glam I don't know pray fa me!lol anyways let me know what you think! These are available for purchase on my website

Feeling Blue & Rasta

Here's my rasta look with orange,red,yellow and green with a gold highlight and my feeling blue look with 4shades of blue with a white highlight

Raibow Eyes & 120 Pallet

Hey Everybody so I finally got my manly 120 palette that I ordered off ebay 10 days ago so here it is and here's a rainbow look that I created. The color are so fabulous and show up so great on dark skin so I would recommend it to anyone. You get a variety of colors and different shades I had so much fun playing in this make up! Great deal for only $12 and that included shipping!

I also did my rainbow eyes look using yellow, pink, green, a little blue, and a light yellow highlight!

Another Great Look !

Here is a great look I created using mostly elf products and I used Avon's foundation in mahogany (I'm in love with this stuff now!) The look was created using red,green,brown, and goldish white for my highlight! This look is very sleek with a splash of color. It turned out great though I used 3 ELF palettes and wet and wild white liner for my base. I didn't do a tutorial on this look but I'm considering it! let me know what you think!

The Cupcake Boutique on Etsy!