Friday, May 15, 2009


Hey Everybody!!

Today I want to talk about CHANGE. Have you ever just looked at yourself and the things you were doing in yo life and just realize like damn I need to make some changes cuz this is not some shit I want to be doing. I just thought long and hard today like damn I need to makes some changes in my life what the hell am I thinking or maybe yet what the hell was I thinking about when I thought that shit was okay? So my message is to everybody is if it's some shit in yo life that you need to CHANGE I don't care if it's changing them ugly ass shoes you got on or changing the friends you hang with, or changing yo job or field of work. I don't give a fuck what it is if you feel that you need to make some CHANGES in yo life to make you feel better about what your doing or maybe just to put your mind at ease then be all means CHANGE dat shit quickly because life is to short to sit around unhappy or uneasy about some shit when all you have to do is CHANGE it! Well I don't know about any of yall but I know I got some shit to CHANGE and I ain't afraid to CHANGE because I think that holds us back a lot of time thinking to hard and being afraid of CHANGE but we never try to CHANGE so we continue to do the same shit because it's what's getting us by and that shit just ain't right don't be afraid on CHANGE it can be a good thing and sometimes a better thing so whatever you need to CHANGE make sure you CHANGE it now and CHANGE it quickly cuz life will not wait on you

Much Love

Mz. Thickness


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