Thursday, November 25, 2010

Deal For Today!

Went to Kroger again because I had more coupons to spend lol! So on this trip just got a few things

Duracell Copper Top Batteries 4pk 1.98 (1.50 off coupon) $0.48
2 Bags of Kroger Frozen Vegetables 0.88 (.40 off coupon)$1.36 for both ~ O.68 each
Suave Deodorant 0.88 (0.50 off doubled) Free

Total Trip Cost $1.87 w/tax

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

$2.00 Handmade Jewelry

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shopping Trip Krogers!

So I've got back into couponing because I'm saving lots of money and I'm tired of wasting money on things I can get for cents on the dollar. It's pointless so anyways here's what I got!

Scope 2.99 (2OfF Coupon, .75OFF KPC) apprx $.24
Kroger Bread $.99
Big K Fruit Punch $.79
Suave Body Wash $1.87 each (.75off) $2.99 for both
Kroger Ranch Dressing $1.24 ( free w/coupon)
Kroger Bacon 2.99 (free w/coupon)
Cottenelle Wipes 2.99(free w/coupon)
Oscar Meyer Hot Roasted Turkey 3.99 ( free w/coupon)
Power Aid $.83
Kroger frozen carrots $.88 (free w/coupon)

Total Out of Pocket Cost ~ $6.21 w/tax

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