Saturday, November 6, 2010

Feeling some kind of way!

It's early am and I'm up for no apparent reason. I just feel some kind of way I don't know why I'm just sitting here thinking about my past and my future on what I've been through and what I've yet to experience in life. It's so many things I want to do but time is getting away from me. I really need to re-evaluate the people and things in my life and really ask my self are they worth it. Is this what I truly want for myself. Sometimes it's like a prison and you can't escape what your feeling. I wish that sometimes I didn't have such strong feelings about things but I can't change the way I feel. I am always trying to work it out and be a people pleaser but in pleasing others who's ever gonna please me? I can't answer that question right now I try to get through life on a daily bases and stay drama and bullshit free. I don't ask for much of others I'm just a cool laid back person. I don't need diamonds and a mansion I'm content with what I have. I want more but to be honest I ask myself why haven't I made the first move to get more? It's funny how we all know what we like and we don't like but when it comes to life and what do went want to do or who do we want to be with or anything that is concrete not many of us know what we actually want or need.


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